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Life & Blogging - Day 1

New name. New domain. Semi-new direction. 

Since blogging has been part of my life for well over a decade it's hard to put to the side. And blogging isn't any different than life. Sometimes we have to shake off the old and step into the new. Or in this case shake off the "this is how a blog should be in order to attract traffic" nonsense. If you're blogging with the goal of earning money then it's not nonsense. I'm "blogging" in order to fulfill my need to chronicle my small but blissful life. And it is a small life compared to many but it's a blessed life. 


bliss·ful - (ˈblisfəl/)


  1. extremely happy; full of joy.

    "a blissful couple holding a baby"

There are several reasons why my life is blissful:

  • My Faith - I'm a born again, spirit filled Christian. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus."  Romans 3:23 -24
  • My husband - my best friend & confidant. He keeps me grounded and embraces my quirkiness. He had me at hello and he really does complete me. 
  • Family - I have two sisters and a brother, a lot of nephews, one niece and a whole bunch of great-nieces & great-nephews. Most live over and hour away. My three sons, daughter-in-law and grandnuggets live close-by along with a nephew, niece-in-law and four greats. They're the reason we stay in a state that has ridiculously high property taxes.  I can't imagine being far from my grands and my greats. 

There are actually five separate blogs on this website that pretty much handle everything I plan to share. 

  1. JOURNAL - A place to share daily life, my Bible studies and the thoughts that roll around my head on a daily basis. I'm on the back side of 50 and I'm finding that there are a ton of adjustments I make as I transition into this phase of my life. 
  2. HANDMADE - I love to knit, crochet and craft. In my world I see something that I love and I'll DIY it til the cows come home. There are times however when I know my limitations and gladly pay another artsy type to make it for me. Since we're buying a home this blog will be filled with a lot of DIY home decor projects. My Pinterest list is HUGE!!
  3. COOKING - and baking. Nothing gives me more joy than making meals or having barbecues for my family. I love to cook and I'm an adventurous baker. One of the "must-haves" on our list when we were home shopping was "SPACIOUS KITCHEN". I can't wait to start cooking in there!!
  4. PHOTOGRAPHY - Made the switch to Nikon in December of 2012 and have taken the last 2 years off from the business. I'll continue to photograph family because documenting the every day moments is important to me but I'm returning to my first loves: landscape, seascape and floral photography as well as photo-art. 
  5. GAMING - I may be a grandmother but I love video games as well as tabletop gaming. Currently I play World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 on the pc while dabbling with Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR. My hsuband J and I also enjoy console gaming and have several games we play together on the xBox One, PS4 and Wii-U. 

If you've wandered by, thanks for taking the time to spend a little time on my site. 

I'll wrap day one here because I'm feeling the urge to knit something. :D